“Sympies”. The social media app with a purpose … Here is Reine RivLan’s review of the app


Why use this app?

“There are times when you need to be told that everything will be alright.”

“It is kind of therapeutic, I guess, to see how those other people get on the battlefield of life, braving the storm and surviving it. It creates an odd sort of camaraderie… The “If-I-made-it-you-can-too!” club.”

app diary

Features Reine likes:

“I like how clicking the “i-motion” button shows other people who are feeling more or less the same way.”

“Write it down, get the weight of those negative emotions off your chest and then throw it away… OR BURN IT. (Which is a very cool option of the Sympies app, by the way. I love that!)”

“One more thing is the voice record option, where you can scream or curse or just plain blabber away whatever’s bothering you… you can even camouflage your voice. AWESOME!”

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Wall on Sympies: Monitor how you’ve been feeling over a period of time

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