Do you remember the times … when he was not listening, when she didn’t understand, when we didn’t feel right, when we didn’t know where to go. When you were so in love, when you got something more than you expected, when you fell in love and it was the best thing that happened to you, and when it ended you fell apart. When you struggled to move forward, the days were dark and never ended…

Then there were things you wanted to tell everyone, yet to no one in particular. When you wanted to shout out from the top of your lungs, but couldn’t. Remember when every song meant something to you, making you smile and cry, and you told yourself “I wish someone could know what I’m going through without having to explain.” So instead you kept the song on repeat.

There too, were the times you partied, that day you thought was the best day of your life. Your first kiss, and the first time someone cried on your shoulder.

Overcoming grief, resolving anger, and even choosing happiness means having to embrace healing and in that, becoming better, stronger versions of ourselves.

What is Sympies? It a social messaging app where users, through iconography, select emotional sentiments or events. They are able to express themselves by “shouting out” and adding media- a picture, video or audio- to capture feelings and experiences in their most raw forms.
Another key feature is the “igetu” section where users have the possibility, with absolute simplicity, to sympathize with others’ experiences. It is more than Liking, it’s saying, “I understand.”

These posts then can be shared among “Sympies” followers, contacts, or even anonymously (as sometimes its easier to get things out this way).

Watch below as Armi Millare talks about writing and feeling better after.